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At Entelechy Management INC., we turn potential into reality!

It can get quite overwhelming to navigate through the inroads of existing and emerging markets. This is where Entelechy Management Inc. steps in. We help brands deliver high-quality products and services while managing their marketing and sales needs. We act as a liaison between the brand and its consumers and create direct marketing strategies that boost professional growth while establishing financial stability.

To create an effective sales and marketing strategy we learn every aspect of our client’s business - their goals, the challenges they face, and their target consumers. We lean on the expertise of our team to collate all this information, dive into market research, and transform it into personalized campaigns that increase revenue and brand awareness.

We’ve often seen brands weighed down by financial pressure, the unstable economic environment makes it even harder for brands to keep up with financial demands. Mismanaged financials, increasing debts, and outstanding bills steer them away from their true goals. At Entelechy Management Inc., we help brands regain control of their financial future and provide all the financial services they need to build a secure debt-free future.

We develop campaigns that convert audiences into customers and drive sales through face-to-face marketing approaches. Our team is the reason we are able to deliver outstanding experiences and drive results. We encourage them to dig into their potential and fine-tune their skills to produce exceptional results.

Our management team comprises experienced professionals that possess a vast encyclopedia of knowledge and skills to give our clients a smooth sailing journey to financial freedom. You can rest assured that all your financial and marketing needs will be solved efficiently with the utmost professionalism. Our new associates, their sustained efforts, and client success have helped us expand from Long Island, New York, to Orlando, in the sunshine state of Florida. We continue to scale by constantly expanding our team and refreshing our thinking through our ability to retain fresh talent.

Our association with Our financial client

Our association with Our financial client

Over the years, we have settled over $250 million in debt for our clients. During this, we realized the need for a personal approach with a human touch to tackle the American debt situation. This is why we decided to create an association with Our financial client. With the services of Our financial client, we have been able to devise robust direct outreach campaigns that have directly contributed to our company’s growth. This enables us to better care for the financial needs of our clients by assigning each one with a personal account manager to assist them in their debt resolution journey.

What debt settlement is and how it can help you

What debt settlement is and how it can help you

Debt settlement is the preferred solution to settle your debt without returning the entire amount owed. Our team of experienced professionals are well versed with the ropes of the financial world. They do the negotiating for you so that you can reap the benefits of bigger savings. Through a series of discussions with the lender, they reach an agreement that works in your favor. Sometimes, settlements are set-up in multiple payments to ensure affordability. You end up paying much less than the total amount owed.

Debt settlement provides financial relief and puts you on the right track towards rebuilding credit. At Entelechy Management, protecting our clients and their finances is our first priority. We want to help you obtain financial relief and we follow industry standards to make sure the process is secure. We encourage you to get to know us and ask us as many questions as you like to better understand the way we work and how we can help you. We keep you informed at every step of the way so that you are comfortable with the process.

who we are


As your trusted partner, we assist you throughout your financial journey. Our team carefully monitors and evaluates your financial plan to ensure every loophole is covered and your project is up to date. To build a sense of trust and to show you we have your best interest at heart, we provide a free, no-obligation financial consultation. This helps clients understand their options and get to know us at the same time.

With our performance guarantee, you can relax knowing that your financial needs are in the safe hands of our professional team.

The COVID-19 crisis has caused businesses to rethink how they work and interact with their buyers. The workforce, employer/associate relationship, and business ecosystem have been reset in many ways. For most, the business influence of the pandemic has been adverse; for some, positive. When it came to Entelechy Management Inc, we realized that people's interests had evolved because of this challenging time. This factor led us to rediscover our love for marketing and work on rebuilding ourselves from the ground up. We emphasized adopting new marketing approaches without losing sight of where service should be: meeting clients' needs with top-shelf talent always at hand if they need them! We have also expanded team members across all areas, so our partner's satisfaction is guaranteed every step of the way.

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